Council of Young Scientists

The Council of Young Scientists of "Resources and Consulting" is a permanent collegial advisory body. Its functions are to contribute to the integration of young scientists and experts of the company into the science, improve their participation in the reproduction of the scientific potential of Russian society, enhance their innovative and public activity, consolidate their efforts in achieving research priorities, promote scientific achievements of young scientists.

To achieve those goals, the Council solves a number of tasks aimed at creating conditions for social and professional development and fulfilment of creative potential of young people in the field of basic sciences and at young employee retention in "Resources and Consulting":

— coordination of scientific activities of young scientists;
— development and implementation of a system of measures for involving of young scientists in scientific activities;
— informing and assisting young scientists in participating in scientific programs, funds, projects, conferences, seminars conducted by scientific institutions, universities of Russia and abroad;
— assisting young scientists in conducting integrative studies and implementing interdisciplinary projects;
— consulting in the process of preparation and implementation of scientific projects by young scientists;
— development and expansion of contacts with the councils of young scientists from other educational institutions and scientific centers of Russia and abroad.