Institute for Sustainable Innovation

Council of Young Scientists

Aleksei Borodkin

Head of the Center for Environmental Risks of the Scientific and Technical Center "Resources and Consulting"

Area of specialization: (1) spatial analysis, ranking of territories by the degree of health risks to the population, zoning of critical areas, and development of methodologies for defining the dynamics of risks to public health in cities and settlements; (2) development of methodological approaches and scientific substantiation of management decisions aimed at reducing the level of public health risk associated with the impact of traffic noise;
(3) development and scientific substantiation of measures to adapt to changing climatic conditions, preventing potential negative effects of climate change on the health status of the population; (4) scientific support of general planning decisions in order to maintain sanitary and epidemiological welfare of residential areas;
(5) study and substantiation of engineering solutions to reduce health risks from environmentally unfavorable factors, effectiveness evaluation of targeted programs for improving the environmental situation in cities and settlements on the basis of health risk indicators, and the development of scientifically based mechanisms for monitoring and supervising in the field of environmental management based on the health risk from pollution.

Author of more than 40 scientific papers published in Russia and abroad.

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