Board of Directors

“Resources and Consulting” board members possess huge experience of work in Russian and international consulting and designing projects for government agencies and business focused on environmental risk reduction and resource efficiency improvement.

The company employees are talented and enthusiastic; they are always ready to help clients to achieve the most difficult objectives in environmental and risk management, strategical planning, sustainable development of companies, providing them with individual solutions and measurable results. Every project is implemented with profound specialized knowledge, high level of education and training. The experts of our company have the knowledge of the specific features of the Russian market and international practice, experience in implementing major projects, and own unique products.

“Resources and Consulting” provides all conditions and a favorable atmosphere for professional development of the employees. Our experts constantly improve their professional qualifications at Russian and international specialized seminars and courses, exchange experience with colleagues in Russia and abroad. 

We know that only a team of like-minded people can achieve the success in a highly competitive environment in the services market in the field of environment protection and management. Selection of the staff, proper motivation, well-coordinated work and contribution to the development of internal methods allow to satisfy any client's demands in this area.